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Sep. 4th, 2012


(no subject)

I see a Spark of Life still brightly shining......

Aug. 17th, 2011

RL Tennant

(no subject)

The atmosphere is, how would Castor put it? Oh yes, palpable :-) My closet is bare except for a few board games (have to figure a way to ship them without ruining the boxes) and matching hangers (not leaving those behind). 

Tomorrow's my last day being on call as well as at UPS. I almost wish I had kept up with my (not so) anonymous UPS journal. Tomorrow's also going to be my long day. FedEx, final in-service with some of the greatest people in California, getting low lights put in my hair, lunch with the prettiest girl who almost convinced me to not leave, drinks with an old buddy, and final stops here and there to say good-bye. 

I think I'm going to have to suck it up for a few days, and FedEx my computer like I didn't want to. But there just doesn't seem to be any way around it. It's okay, my new phone is basically a handheld computer in itself. Oh well, not like I was planning on staying home all weekend anyway. I keep telling those nay say-ers that Indiana's just chock full of gems if you know where to look. Guess I'm going to be putting my money where my mouth is, or at least try to. I'm sure I'll have more then enough to do in Broad Ripple alone, so there's that. And come Monday I'll have my first face to face with certain officials over at IUPUI about that little project I've had in mind. 

Busy busy busy next few days, and hopefully I'll have more of a chance to write more then.

Aug. 10th, 2011

David Tennant, Doctor Who S4

(no subject)

 I love my new phone, I think I feel better about not having a computer for a few days next week. 

In a week and a two days I'll be in Indianapolis, either cleaning my new bathroom, driving my new car, eating my first slice of Marcos as an Indiana resident or spending the night exploring Broad Ripple. I feel good about moving on with my life, I feel good about putting something behind me and moving on period. 

Tonight's plans took a little detour. I had thought of stopping by the Center to sit in on the new volunteer training, but an old friend invited me out to see a movie and then back to her place for dinner. She said it could be a long time before I had real Californian food again. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit nervous about tonight, because this girl and I were something more then just friends not too long ago. 

She said we'd make tonight an adventure, which is something I always say. It should be an interesting evening to be sure.
RL Tennant

(no subject)

 Had fun playing with my new phone last night, though I won't actually activate it until next week (still messing around with the wi-fi feature). 

Up for today:
  • Get a trim.
  • Clean my room, and dust.
  • Sort through the rest of my things and decide what's staying, going in the trash and going to friends/family.
  • Picking up more packing peanuts for the containers.
  • Sitting in on the new volunteer training at the Center (maybe, if I don't go for a run this afternoon).
Hm, doesn't seem like a lot when I look at it, but I'm sure it'll take me a few hours to do all that. 


I just got another email from the Office for Women from IUPUI setting up a date for a face to face get together to discuss a crisis center at IUPUI! I'm quite excited about this, and now it seems as though they're in the process of initiating one themselves- "we look forward to adding your experience and expertise as a student and advocate in this program, looking forward to meeting you when you get on campus". I think that seriously made my morning. 

Aug. 9th, 2011

RL Tennant

(no subject)

Today was interesting to say the least.

Drove to The UPS Hub in Loma Linda and waited there half the afternoon to pick up my missed delivery. And now I have my new phone, a Droid 3 :-) I'm sure I'm going to spend most of the day tomorrow just getting the hang of it.

Shipped off some late (not too late) birthday gifts to friends in Indiana, and packed some more.

I just have a few more days of being a UPSer, but I still feel like calling in tomorrow and just sleeping in.
And in little more then a week I'll be a transplanted Californian living it up in Indiana.
RL Tennant

(no subject)

 For the first time in weeks (well as far as work goes) I get the best fucking news about my Trust that I had ever gotten. I thought I would have wait till December to get the full amount, or see any of it to begin with. Not according to the Business Agents. The longest it'd take would be anywhere between three and four weeks. SO WHY DID THEY TELL ME IT'D BE FOUR TO FIVE MONTHS?! 

Unneeded stress, but such a relief. 

When I really think about it, I'm not going to miss UPS, I'm going to miss the people I've worked with. 

The Droid 3 I ordered was supposed to be here this morning when I got off of work. But the UPS Driver (yes, UPS strikes again) didn't wait long enough for me to answer the door and instead left a missed delivery notice on the door. 

"Will attempt to deliver tomorrow between 2 and 5 pm"

I'm sorry, but I'm not one to be patient with that sort of thing, particularly when my phone's nearing the end of it's life cycle. I can either wait till tomorrow afternoon or I can head out to the Shipping Hub in San Bernardino to pick it up tonight. I honestly don't know what I want to do because San Bernardino after dark is not the place to find yourself. 

Resume's been updated and uploaded, a few more jobs have been applied for and nowit's just a waiting game. 


Aug. 7th, 2011

David Tennant, Doctor Who S4

(no subject)

 Hell yeah, I pulled 5 miles today in just under an hour. That's a new personal best. I think that not having been up since 2 in the morning helped a little with it. Tomorrow's going to be a little tougher though, I have to be at work early. I'll still try to push 4 miles after work at least. 

Went shopping today for more things for my new place. A couple towels, shower fixings, a new duffle bag and some vacuum storage bags. I think that by this time if I'm missing anything else, I can always get it after I've unpacked. Besides, I'll be living across the street from a shopping center. I think there's a Wal-Mart in there too. Convenient. I finally figured out how I'm going to get what I want over there, there. I'm going to ship what I'll need from the very first day I'm there ahead a few days. That way it'll be there soon as I arrive. Then I'll have everything else shipped later (other misc. items). I'll have my desktop and monitor packed in some of the containers and shipped early, so I'll have to get along without my computer for a few days. That's okay, I should have the Droid 3 by then. I think to save some space I'm going to leave some pillows behind, and buy new ones there (always loved the feel of new pillows). Cleaning supplies, although I'm sure my new room mate hasn't used the bathroom in my room and probably cleaned it already, I'd feel better getting in there and cleaning it myself. Particularly the shower, which I'm going to put to use as soon I get there. Flying has always left me feeling dirty. 

I have half a mind to post my flight schedule on here, just as a reminder so I don't forget when my flight's supposed to leave. Nah, I think I'm good. I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with myself after I'm all unpacked, done cleaning the bathroom and hopefully picked up my new car. I know it sounds like a lot, but from what I understand, the sun doesn't go down in Indiana until late in the evening. And I'm sure I won't be going to be at the usual time, especially considering it'll be a Friday. 

Maybe I'll take in Broad Ripple, or the State Fair, or just check out some pubs and enjoy the rest of the night over a pint. It's going to be quite a ride. And yes, I'm watching Tron: Legacy right now :-)

Aug. 6th, 2011

Transformers: Wheeljack

Second Life, Second Chances and Everything Life Gives You

Heard a podcast from the LLU church about perspectives. The speaker was telling a story about how he had to take his wife's car to the gas station to put some air in one of the tires because it was low. His neighbor said that he had a air compressor and they could do it there. So he drives the car across the street and while the pump is filling the tire with air, they talk. When the tire's full, he gets ready to leave when suddenly he hears a hissing sound he never wanted to hear. He admitted that if his neighbor didn't hear it too, he would have driven off and ignored the sound of the leaking air. But his neighbor insisted that he do something about it because if he didn't, the tire would blow out and it could cause some irreversible damage.
The speaker said that if he had ignored the tire damage like he wanted, he would have went on his way. But his neighbor recognized the signs of trouble.

How often do we choose to ignore the obvious signs of trouble in our own lives and relationships, and only wake up one day to find that that small leak or crack grew into something bigger and out of control. Sometimes I think we could all use a little time to take a step back and look at ourselves to see if everything doesn't just look fine, but that there aren't any leaks or cracks that'll lead to something even worse.

But if I could share anything with my future children someday it's if I've learned anything this year, it would be that it's never too late for anything. If you want it bad enough, you can do it. I might have learned that the hard way, but here I am, moving to Indiana for God only really knows how long but to write the next chapter of my life. As David Tennant so eloquently put it,

"Come on, next chapter's this way.."

Aug. 4th, 2011


Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!

What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

Education, make our education the top in the world that it could have been, and may have once been, and everything else will follow.

Jul. 31st, 2011

RL Tennant

Final Entry for July 2011

 What does this one make? Six entries in one day? I must have too much time on my hands or too much to say.

Well I'll keep it short and sweet. Went by to see the kids but they were out leaving my sister and Donnie to the house to themselves- until I came knocking. It wasn't bad, they were just lounging around the living room trying to beat the heat. And we talked about family, where I was going and why (surprisingly they didn't try to talk me out of it), about what I would do for the holidays (I guess I'm going to have to come back for a visit a lot sooner then I thought) and whatnot. I played around with the dogs, Vanilla and the 45lb. puppy. Vanilla got a haircut recently, I don't think she's looked quite like that since she was a puppy herself.
After a while we ordered pizza from a place I'd always known about but never had. It was surprisingly good. Almost like a mix between this pizza chain in Indiana (Marcos) and New York style pizza. I'll have to try some more before I leave. In three weeks. Donnie told me that the next three weeks are going to fly by so quickly. And he's right, I don't really feel like I'm fully prepared to leave yet, and I'm not just talking about things that still need to be packed. I'll be leaving behind some people I'm not quite ready to leave yet, but as I've been told many times in the last few months, I'll meet new people in Indianapolis. New people and new opportunities. 

I still haven't quite decided which Macbook I'm going to settle with. I'd like to get it before I leave, so that way if I have to leave my desktop behind at least I'll have something to work off of when I'm in Indianapolis.

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