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RL Tennant

Final Entry for July 2011

 What does this one make? Six entries in one day? I must have too much time on my hands or too much to say.

Well I'll keep it short and sweet. Went by to see the kids but they were out leaving my sister and Donnie to the house to themselves- until I came knocking. It wasn't bad, they were just lounging around the living room trying to beat the heat. And we talked about family, where I was going and why (surprisingly they didn't try to talk me out of it), about what I would do for the holidays (I guess I'm going to have to come back for a visit a lot sooner then I thought) and whatnot. I played around with the dogs, Vanilla and the 45lb. puppy. Vanilla got a haircut recently, I don't think she's looked quite like that since she was a puppy herself.
After a while we ordered pizza from a place I'd always known about but never had. It was surprisingly good. Almost like a mix between this pizza chain in Indiana (Marcos) and New York style pizza. I'll have to try some more before I leave. In three weeks. Donnie told me that the next three weeks are going to fly by so quickly. And he's right, I don't really feel like I'm fully prepared to leave yet, and I'm not just talking about things that still need to be packed. I'll be leaving behind some people I'm not quite ready to leave yet, but as I've been told many times in the last few months, I'll meet new people in Indianapolis. New people and new opportunities. 

I still haven't quite decided which Macbook I'm going to settle with. I'd like to get it before I leave, so that way if I have to leave my desktop behind at least I'll have something to work off of when I'm in Indianapolis.