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Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!

What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

Education, make our education the top in the world that it could have been, and may have once been, and everything else will follow.


I think there is only one way to do that, and it is by doing a combination of two things.

1) better funding, better paying jobs for teachers, more involvement in community
essentially, money money money. It sounds greedy, but pumping money into education means pumping resources into education. How can one be educated without resources. Heck, the education system should probably be part of a federal social program.

2) Diversify. There need to be more options for how a student is taught. All students have different personal needs and different living situations. School districts across the country need to sync so that they can help homeschoolers tha move a lot. People need to find out what "unschooling" is, and understand that this is a natural outgrowth of diverse learning styles. The kids will learn the basics they need to first, but come the teenage years they need options. Distance learning. Speed Readers. Conventional learning styles with new technology. Teaching conventions. All this needs to be supported by a federal program, too.
*...without resources?