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RL Tennant

 Had fun playing with my new phone last night, though I won't actually activate it until next week (still messing around with the wi-fi feature). 

Up for today:
  • Get a trim.
  • Clean my room, and dust.
  • Sort through the rest of my things and decide what's staying, going in the trash and going to friends/family.
  • Picking up more packing peanuts for the containers.
  • Sitting in on the new volunteer training at the Center (maybe, if I don't go for a run this afternoon).
Hm, doesn't seem like a lot when I look at it, but I'm sure it'll take me a few hours to do all that. 


I just got another email from the Office for Women from IUPUI setting up a date for a face to face get together to discuss a crisis center at IUPUI! I'm quite excited about this, and now it seems as though they're in the process of initiating one themselves- "we look forward to adding your experience and expertise as a student and advocate in this program, looking forward to meeting you when you get on campus". I think that seriously made my morning.