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David Tennant, Doctor Who S4

 I love my new phone, I think I feel better about not having a computer for a few days next week. 

In a week and a two days I'll be in Indianapolis, either cleaning my new bathroom, driving my new car, eating my first slice of Marcos as an Indiana resident or spending the night exploring Broad Ripple. I feel good about moving on with my life, I feel good about putting something behind me and moving on period. 

Tonight's plans took a little detour. I had thought of stopping by the Center to sit in on the new volunteer training, but an old friend invited me out to see a movie and then back to her place for dinner. She said it could be a long time before I had real Californian food again. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit nervous about tonight, because this girl and I were something more then just friends not too long ago. 

She said we'd make tonight an adventure, which is something I always say. It should be an interesting evening to be sure.