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RL Tennant

The atmosphere is, how would Castor put it? Oh yes, palpable :-) My closet is bare except for a few board games (have to figure a way to ship them without ruining the boxes) and matching hangers (not leaving those behind). 

Tomorrow's my last day being on call as well as at UPS. I almost wish I had kept up with my (not so) anonymous UPS journal. Tomorrow's also going to be my long day. FedEx, final in-service with some of the greatest people in California, getting low lights put in my hair, lunch with the prettiest girl who almost convinced me to not leave, drinks with an old buddy, and final stops here and there to say good-bye. 

I think I'm going to have to suck it up for a few days, and FedEx my computer like I didn't want to. But there just doesn't seem to be any way around it. It's okay, my new phone is basically a handheld computer in itself. Oh well, not like I was planning on staying home all weekend anyway. I keep telling those nay say-ers that Indiana's just chock full of gems if you know where to look. Guess I'm going to be putting my money where my mouth is, or at least try to. I'm sure I'll have more then enough to do in Broad Ripple alone, so there's that. And come Monday I'll have my first face to face with certain officials over at IUPUI about that little project I've had in mind. 

Busy busy busy next few days, and hopefully I'll have more of a chance to write more then.