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Jul. 31st, 2011


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It's such a beautiful day today- overcast skies, a little drizzle, and yes I'm from California and damn proud of it :-) like I said, we go nuts over a little rain, must have something to do with this part of the state being a literal desert (that's spelled with one 's' folks) and having one season for the most part of the year- Summer. I hope I don't get sick of the constantly changing weather in Indiana.

I'm waiting at Starbucks right now for a friend, always promised him we'd get together for tea sometime (we've meant to do this for the last three years) and no time like the present. I had asked my sister if she was free later today, but she wound up hurting herself earlier so she won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Must be that Chapman curse my great-grandmother always used to scare my big brother and sister with when they were kids- something about how Chapman's start dropping like flies every other generation or so (tho my great grandfather was killed by a falling tree, and his brother was..). Not like I take things like that seriously. Besides it's me, what's the worst that could happen? (seriously NOT tempting fate here)

I've already shot off a few emails to a few crisis centers about how they started up, what they focused on, etc. I'm hoping I'll get to do some interviews with them too (putting on my business hat) about their federal funding. It's already starting to feel like quite a ride ;-)
I'm quite excited about the potential prospects for this. Maybe I'll even try to get Slutwalk Indianapolis organized there too, haha. That'll make waves in the media, to be sure.
My Twitter's almost ready to relaunch, still keeping the focus the same. It's not like the Facebook or G+, like Livejournal I'm hoping to use it to keep track of my life from the time I leave California behind to the day I return to my most beloved state. I can use it to help me not only keep some sanity when the depression hits (damn you SAD) but also for when I begin work on my Masters.

Something Emily and Mark told me, that I never really thought about before Is how I dress like a Californian, and that'll help me stand out more then anything else. And if I get lowlights in my hair before I leave, well I'd better get used to all the extra attention- again, if the other day at the Indy Starbucks was any indication.
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 I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder (kept thinking I left my Ipod on repeat) and heavily overcast skies. I thought it was earlier then it really was when in fact it was almost 8 in the morning. i don't know what's going on with our weather but I certainly can't complain. If there's one thing to be said about people in California, it's that we go nuts for rainy days (in a good fashion of course) :-)
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Been Up All Night, Thinking Of You..

 It is almost two in the morning, and I've spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out how I'm going to go about putting together a student crisis center in Indiana. And trying to get my Twitter just the way I want it (bio, who to follow, about, etc) and I'm nowhere near to being then where I was when I first began. Come Monday I'll have to get in touch with the crisis centers at UCR (my alma mater), UCSB, UCLA and any other university in the area with crisis centers. It's going to be a great experience for me, both professionally and personally. I think enough time's passed between my concussion from earlier today (or rather yesterday) and now that it's alright for me to go to sleep now, haha. 

Jul. 23rd, 2011

RL Tennant

Last Night

 It is 8 in the morning and I awoke to finding a charge on my credit card that I did not make. Got on the phone with the number provided and ironed things out. I'll get a refund in 7 to 10 business days. 

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Jul. 22nd, 2011


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 Just in a writing mood tonight I suppose. Actually this is my way of putting off things I know I should be doing but don't want to. 

The last few days have been utterly gorgeous, even though they did reach highs of 99* and even peaked 100*. You'd be surprised huge difference a small breeze can make in turning that 100* feel like a cool 80*. Won't be like that in Indiana, they get that humid heat. I can already hear my sister or her husband ask  me why I'm going there instead of going somewhere else. I think I'll tell them it's because you can't really celebrate Halloween properly in California, not after I've seen what Indiana is like in October. Halloween in Indiana is going to be a blast. Can't wait to go to their pumpkin patches, I'm sure they're nothing like ours. 

I picked up two more plastic containers to store/ship my clothes in. I think that I'll try and check them as baggage when I make my final one stop flight, that way I'll avoid the stress of having them shipped. 

I'm watching a 1970's documentary on Bigfoot on Netflix.. why am I watching this again? Oh yeah, it's so bad it'd kind of funny. Good stuff. 

I hate when Dr. Gibbs is right about something. We always take the easy way out when we don't want to face something, particularly when it comes to academics. 

I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight (yes before 9 on a Friday!) and lay in bed watching some Spongebob dvd's I have. Some really good episodes on there, some of my favorite actually.
"It's big! Pink! And hairy!"
"Well so is Patrick's belly button but I don't let that scare me neither."

Jul. 21st, 2011

RL Tennant

"It's Going To Be Quite A Ride"

 I have to stop changing the layout themes on my journal and try to stick with just one. Maybe next week. 

It seems my last mobile entry didn't post. That's okay, I was just writing how I met a couple who were cosplaying as a steampunk version of Castor and one of the Sirens, of Tron: Legacy fame. They looked incredible, and I cannot stress how blown away I was with their outfits. At first I was thinking why I was more drawn to Castor then "his" Siren companion. Turns out they were a lesbian couple, big mental relief when they told me that- for a minute i was worried that I was incredibly drawn to man in costume. Outfits and the make-up were absolutely (as Castor would have put it) were absolutely palpable *fanning self*. Turns out they were doing a photo shoot at the Canyon Crest Winery with other steampunk cosplayers. Wish I had time to check it out.  The photo shoot that is, I can always go back for some wine tasting with friends. 

Now that I have a physical address in Indiana, I feel a lot more confident about submitting job applications online. I'll have to update my address with IUPUI before long, and who knows, maybe it'll give me enough time before I start up in January to allow me to duck-tail it in with resident tuition. I'll also have to update some already submitted applications with my new address.
I've been keeping in touch with Katrina, the girl I'll be renting the spare room from. The neighborhood sounds fantastic, lots of students and professionals live in the area. And some weekends everyone likes to get together and either carpool it to some bars and clubs or just threw a massive pool party. When I asked why she had so much trouble renting the room out, if things were that great, she told me that it wasn't that she had trouble renting it out. She just was pretty picky about people who called wanting to rent it. But I sounded pretty cool and down to earth, apparently. I'll just have to bribe her dog into liking me now. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to take him on runs with me once I'm settled and find a good route to run. 

We had the monthly mandatory in-service earlier. It was so great seeing the other volunteers and what staff who showed up. It's kind of sad that I see them every month but I still can't put a name to a face- until I hear them say something, "Rosa! Yeah of course I remembered your name.. I just had to hear your voice first, haha". I'm so used to talking to them on the phone more then seeing them in person that's the only way I remember most of them. I didn't win anything in the raffle this time, but I still have the Chili's gift certificates from last month. I can either use them now or save them for when I'm in Indiana.
Rosa thought she was being sneaky when she kept telling everyone that we should all get together for drinks and throw me a surprise going away shin-dig. I'm going to miss those lovely people. 

I have to start getting ready for this weekend. And by getting ready that means I have to get as much homework done by Saturday as I can get done because come Saturday I'll be at the Ladyfest Tattoo and Dessert fund raiser, going to LA to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in proper House attire, and taking part of Accomplice Hollywood

Taking a line from Castor, "It's going to be quite a ride."

Till next time, stay calm and carry on. 
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(no subject)

I've started listening more to NPR's tiny desk concert podcast, that's where I first heard Adele. But that's not what I really wanted to write about. 

Didn't make it to work last night, and as such didn't go on my run either. Because the park's conveniently on the way home from Ontario, I always find it's easier on gas and time to take a change of clothes with me when I go to work. That way I can stop by the park afterwards on my way home and run. Not today though, and I don't want to drive out there and come back to get ready, shower and then leave again for class. I probably could if I really wanted to though, and use the schools showers but the truth is I'm not really motivated to do that right now. Too much on my mind. There's a chance I might not go to Indianapolis alone. That would certainly make somethings easier and certainly less lonely, but..

A coffee date with an old client who doesn't want another counselor/advocate in half an hour, and then a math lecture from 1 to 4 (why am I punishing myself with this?), followed by a little break until a mandatory in-service from 6-8ish at RARCC. I've been with that organization for so many years, it'll be hard to say good-bye when the time comes. But hopefully I'll be able to get settled in with another crisis center in Indiana. And what would be even better would be getting a job with them. 

Till next time, stay calm and carry on. 

Jul. 20th, 2011

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 Major update for today.

I have a place to live in Indianapolis now, the address is ......., Indianapolis, IN 46220. I'm quite excited to meet Katrina's dog, I couldn't really hear what kind she said he is but I'm pretty sure he's a lot bigger then I think I heard. I'll be living a block away from Broad Ripple Village, though I'll be more then a mile from the Monon trail and down a ways from the strip. Fitness center, a pool, shopping center across the street, can't believe my luck. I just have to find a decent car to move myself around in, been having some luck there too. It's really happening, just sucks that I won't be able to do the Run Disney Half Marathon in September. That would have been a fun one to say I took part in, not like the half marathon I did at Angel Stadium. Yeah, it's been an interesting month to say the least. 

This weekend ought to be interesting enough though. Heading to LA twice, to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 again (but this time in proper attire) and do take part of an all night scavenger hunt in West Hollywood.. well West Hollywood is the starting point. We won't actually know where we start until we get the email a few hours before, haha. I'll certainly try to do a live Twitter feed that night.

I finally saw The Last Kiss earlier... too bad we can't all have happy endings of some kind, but we take what we can get. when I think about it, I kind hated that movie now. How can a movie with such a great soundtrack be so bad?

Till next time, stay calm and carry on.

Jul. 18th, 2011

David Tennant, Doctor Who S4

Quick Update

 Just a quick update before I head out for the night.

I have a room in Broad Ripple now! I'm quite excited about it, and on the plus my new room mate has a dog. Another plus is 
that there is a shopping center across the street. There's a fitness center, a pool, free wi-fi (good-bye cable), and it's already furnished
with a new bed. Score. And not only is the rent more decent then most of the other places I was looking at but my new room mate sounds
pretty interesting. Maybe it has something to do with her being a New Yorker? Now all that's really left is a few loose ends here and to finish
packing things away.. I'm going to be leaving my most beloved state for a long time. 

One thing I can't leave without doing though. I want to do as much of my bucket list as possible before I leave. Don't know if this means I'll
be able to make the drive up to San Francisco anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't do the all night scavenger hunt in West Hollywood
before I leave, that'll be something to talk about in Indiana. 

Till next time, well you know how it goes. Don't forget to follow the ride on my Twitter. 
David Tennant, Doctor Who S4

(no subject)

 Suppose it's time for an update proper. 

I injured myself at work a few weeks ago, busted three ribs on my lower left side. I didn't think I had actually gotten
hurt until hours after work when I wondered why it hurt when I laughed. Went to the ER where a friend of mine works
(he was the charge nurse so I got to cut in line) and as soon as he saw how bruised my side looked he had x-rays
taken. I swear, if all x-ray technicians were as cute as Jamie I would have changed the focus of my studies years
ago. Thinking back on it, I think she was asking me out for coffee afterwards, but with the ringing in my ears from
the machinery I honestly couldn't hear what she was saying, much. Damn. 

Still on the lookout for an apartment or room in Indianapolis, and so far I've several promising leads but I'll have to 
narrow it down soon- I'm leaving hopefully by the end of August at the latest. I just have to ask myself how much
I'm willing to pay per month until I get fully settled. 

There was the question of where I'm going to work once there, because as it was explained to me there are no
transfers to out of state hubs (unless they happen to fall in conference, Southwest in my case). So at first I thought
that working UPS was out of the question, until my Full Timer told me that it was possible to still "transfer" without
going through all the paperwork and red tape. I would just have to resign my current position- in other words quit. 
But that's the trick he said, tell HR that I'm leaving for an out of state school but that I'd like to stay with the company.
They'd help me iron out the details and apply at the Indianapolis Hub, and with a letter of recommendation from
my Full Timer, I could get settled in as a new-hire. I just need to have a physical address in Indianapolis before
I can get that ball rolling. Still plan to find other work once I'm there, I don't think i want to spend the first three months
there working just part-time with nothing else to do with my day. Starbucks anyone?

Then there was the issue with my pension trust fund, which I would have relied on somewhat the first two months
or so that I'm there. But that's a horror story for another time. One thing at a time and one day at a time. 

Still hard to believe I'll be gone in a month. I think that reality just sunk in with the guys I work with. "Pops", one of the older full time employees must have forgotten that I'm leaving because he acted surprised when we were talking about what we were going to do before I leave. When he overheard us talking about it, he said "Benji, are you really leaving?" Soon as I pursed my lips and nodded he looked like he was about to burst into tears. 

Even Nick had a few things to say, though they really had nothing to do with my leaving.. "Ah dawg, you look leaner and your face
looks more angular.. you working out, man?" He's a really white kid from the rich side of Rancho, so i guess that's why I have to smile
every time I hear him say "dawg". 

Time to keep cleaning out my closet of memories, email back some potential roommates, email the school and keep some lunch dates
that i promised I'd have before I leave.

Till next time, stay calm and carry on. 


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