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Transformers: Wheeljack

Second Life, Second Chances and Everything Life Gives You

Heard a podcast from the LLU church about perspectives. The speaker was telling a story about how he had to take his wife's car to the gas station to put some air in one of the tires because it was low. His neighbor said that he had a air compressor and they could do it there. So he drives the car across the street and while the pump is filling the tire with air, they talk. When the tire's full, he gets ready to leave when suddenly he hears a hissing sound he never wanted to hear. He admitted that if his neighbor didn't hear it too, he would have driven off and ignored the sound of the leaking air. But his neighbor insisted that he do something about it because if he didn't, the tire would blow out and it could cause some irreversible damage.
The speaker said that if he had ignored the tire damage like he wanted, he would have went on his way. But his neighbor recognized the signs of trouble.

How often do we choose to ignore the obvious signs of trouble in our own lives and relationships, and only wake up one day to find that that small leak or crack grew into something bigger and out of control. Sometimes I think we could all use a little time to take a step back and look at ourselves to see if everything doesn't just look fine, but that there aren't any leaks or cracks that'll lead to something even worse.

But if I could share anything with my future children someday it's if I've learned anything this year, it would be that it's never too late for anything. If you want it bad enough, you can do it. I might have learned that the hard way, but here I am, moving to Indiana for God only really knows how long but to write the next chapter of my life. As David Tennant so eloquently put it,

"Come on, next chapter's this way.."